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Dancing at Sable's School of Belly Dance and Drum has reawakened my soul and passion for dance. The last time I’ve studied in a dance class was 16 years ago. It was a cold and competitive environment. After taking the first class at Sable’s School of Belly Dance and Drum, I knew God led me to the right studio. I have never studied from a teacher that has so much passion and a humbled spirit like Miss. Sable. She takes you through each movement step by step with an encouraging attitude. I love her spirit, passion, and dedication for people and dance. I feel empowered to love and embrace myself and dance again. The way my body moves with such grace and sensuality is amazing! I cannot wait until my daughter can start taking classes 3 years from now. Miss. Sable, I appreciate who you are and everythinu do. Thank you.


"Sable really knows how to break the moves down so that everyone can get it while still having lots of fun."


--Lynda Boatwright

“The level of service at Sable's School of Belly Dance and Drum is fantastic. Having been a business partner and customer for several years, I am consistently impressed by Sable's bubbly personality and professionalism. Thank you!”


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a place where you are comfortable enough to be yourself. However, at Sable's School of Belly Dance and Drum, it seems as though everyone is family. Sable's School was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!. On top of that I had a blast.”


"Perfectly Stunning, Passionately Sable -Ahsa and Friends at Wednesday Winedown sponsored by WRFG FM.

If you missed Sable's performance tonight with the World Music group show "Ahsa and Friends" then you truly missed out! I havent seen a performance that good since the 7 stars featured at Black Orchid Dance. The whole set could have been apart of the IBCC mainstage nightly line up or even large gala...It was just THAT good!

I met up w/Diane for this show fully detemined to see what turned out to be one of the best performances of 2010! Asa and Friends make it to the stage...and there was Sable in the back waiting for her cue.

And Sable laid down the law with that piece. G-d I pray its on You Tube! She looked greeaaaat!!!

It was sensational! And like a hidden jewel she comes out and does a original choreography designed by Diane Adams just for this show (thats an honour alone). It was deeeeep! I mean it had robust shoulder rolls that looked Persian in origin! Those deep moves that conquer the upper body and give you charisma! Man, what a way to open a show! "Damn girl!!! That was hot!!!" went through my mind. Then, she goes into some intricate tummy-ab movements that you rarely see stateside. She was giving Suhaila Salimpour and Rachel Brice some competition. ..I mean you could see the intricate details from 60 rows I know it must have looked incredible upclose. The remainder of the performance' s technical spotlight reminded me of Didem Turkiye. It was so clear and crisp and just beautiful! Her costume was very much of Bellydance Superstar those that Jilinna used to wear during the early part of their touring days...very modern Egyptian- Yasser of Nile Group fame...he has a great shop and this looked as if it came from him. Beautiful turquoise w/workings upon workings in the design...yesss, it was nice!! And the matching top was very modern and also very intricate. It was impressive coupled with those very detailed moves. Just a stunning performance and overall presentation! Absolutely Stunning!

The highlight was that she actually had to improv midway and I would have never known if Diane hadnt said, "Ohhh, they added in another refrain!!! That wasnt in our original choreography! !!" And again I'd have never known it because Sable went right along as if it was planned! It was just phenomenal.. .and then she dropped gracefully into floor work as if a spirit took over her...shimmied all the way into a backbend to the ground and gracefully swiveled back up where she continued on with the remainder of the song! I was impressed! Zaghareets from various parts of the huge audience went out. It was again, just stunning! Surreal to watch! I wish I could dedicate myself on the weekends to perfecting pieces with bands and music groups!! Wow Sable!!! Im such a fan!!!!

Mabrook Sable!!! Mabrook wa Masha'Allah because that right there deserved a row of broken plates! Id have gladly smashed several in honour of the great spirit that guided Diane to mold you into such a phenomenal dancer!!! 


--Raqs Atlanta, Andye

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